• Hi hi 

    I´m currently working on a project to design a new game console! 
    I really need people to fill a survey for me to use their thoughts and opinions about the things they expect from a console xD

    It won´t take more than 3 minutes to fill it in.
    It can be done in FRENCH and ENGLISH xD 

    Thank you !!!

    Here is the link for my survey : Survey

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    Hi Hi Hi~ ^^v

    I seriously don't know what to say about myself but to make it short I will just tell a few things about my likes and the usual stuff I use for my drawings xD

    Euhm ... I like many things lol so I will just try to name some stuff ... Maybe you already have noticed but I seriously like ... adore manga/anime =D cause it's interesting, fun and gosh you can feel the characters and yeah xD It's also a huge part of my life oxo so it's kinda my life lol 

    I also like other things like J-pop/K-pop (Japanese Pop/Korean pop) both of them were introduced in my life when I was small ... but J-pop has been introduced to me at the moment I started to watch anime lol so yeah the intro's  were catchy ^^ been a subborn kid I used to be ... I kept bothering my parents about it so in the end they looked it up for me xD

    After a few years K-pop came into my life =D and I seriously am happy that I got to know that and the first K-pop band which I saw on tv was TVXQ .... I seriously fell in love with them =D it was gosh a nice experience :) I couldn't help but fall for them ^^ they were really cute ><
    It happened in december 2003 lol It was great to be able to see their debut stage, cause since that very moment I have been a fan of them :)

    I blabber too much xD if you have some questions just ask lol it's easier then to blabber about nonsense ....but for me it isn't lol 

    Those moments are still important parts of my life u.u

    So before I keep on blabbering I will show you the main pencils I use for most of the drawings I redraw.

    First when I make a sketch I always like to use this pencil, cause it's really light and it's easy to draw with it and remove mistakes. I seriously recommend it to people to use lol... It's also an awesome pencil to use when u make the body shadows or around the eyes. Speaking about eyes, you can also use it for the eyes, because manga eyes usually have many layers so it's like a savior for many things ;) 

    about me ^^_img1about me ^^_img2

    Usually after I finished the sketch I use a 6B pencil to redraw it but in better details so the lines will be darker. It's seriously a lovely pencil for to make the shadows around the mouth, nose and for the clothes, hair, backgroumd. The pencil also help out a lot when you make a "dark" character, cause the color is intense so it gives much effect :) I also love to use it for the eyes, cause it's easy to make many layers with this pencils ^^v You easily see the difference in layers so it's really nice xD personally I also recommend you this one xD 


    about me ^^_img3about me ^^_img4about me ^^_img5

     I sometimes use this pencil in the same way I use the 6B, because it's more like the lighter version of it xD It's nice to use for the hair as in: you begin with a 2.5HB pencil, after that you make it a bit darker with this one and the color the whole hair with it and at the end you make some parts darker with a 6B pencil... to give it more charm :) In short I rarely use this one xD for me it's mostly a 2.5HB pencil and a 6B xD 

    about me ^^_img6about me ^^_img7


     I hope that it wasn't too boring to read lol

    I seriously thank you for visiting my blog ^^v

    Thank you for reading this lol xD seirously it's somehow too wtf xD

    Critic as much as you want =D cause it can help me out to improve things ^^v


    Enjoy your visit~ ((hope it will be enjoyable TAT))


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